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a (usually fake) burberry wearing, shitty gold wearing, twat speaking, school dropout, who soop up really shitty cars like Novas or Astras, gangsta wannabe. females have kids at an early age, and range between 5-10 kids by the time they are 20. they start on anyone if there are more than one of them, if there's an individual he look at you with a surly look.
You walk near a chav, his gold glinting in a north kent shopping centre, his fake burberry cap high in the air, fag in his hand,you look at him with his mates, he shouts "wanker", you walk over and then they run like fuck
by Chavhunter January 05, 2005
A state of perplexity
me at the moment
I was in a quandary whether or not to go out
by Chavhunter November 04, 2004
A car, normally a Nova or similar Chav car, fitting with the most f*cking stupid "enhancements" chav-money can buy such as "big-ass exhausts", spoilers, and f*ckoff huge sound systems theat blow the windows of the car out every time its used. The true Scallywagon shall be fully painted in burburry colours.
See that bunch of chav-f*cknuts, driving that bloody stupid scallywagon around? I hope they crash and all get crippled
by Chavhunter October 24, 2004

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