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2 definitions by Chav 4 life

Most people who like hip hop are gangsta its more of a fashion and music thing than a lifestyle choice.
People you see with good designer clothes and bling on, the people who look really hip hop and cool are gangsta
by Chav 4 life March 01, 2007
Grebs are the following

1. Distgusting
2. Nasty
3. Poofs
4. Dick heads
5. Cunts
6. Nasty 2 us chavs 4 no reason
7. Total fuckin cunts that reject gangsta rap, 50 cent and everythin else thats cool.
Greb 1. Chavs are so violent we should kill them kill in horrible ways

Greb 2. Yes you are so cool then we can fuck each other cos we do that sort of thing

Chav. Fuck off dickheads

Greb 1. I know what he said but I'll pretend I don't just to make myself look even more of a cunt than I already look.

Greb 2. Oh yes your so clever as a special treat you can have all the grease I own just so your even more fuckin distgusing

Greb 1. Oh your so kind but then we always sayu we're kind don't we even though we're an evil gay bunch of cunts!!!!!
by Chav 4 life March 05, 2007