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Ray Rocket in the Christmas episode of Rocket Power, and in many other episodes.
Stop being a Gaymundo.
by Chauncy Jamal December 15, 2003
A miny wanksta. This person has a lot of friends and acts cool, but is a huge loser and eats doggy fudge.

When they fight they use a cheap tactic:

When they are alone they deny any responsibility for their actions.

When they have five or more of their fiends they act all tough and in your face.
I hope I get a Goofy Gonzo for Christmas!

A Goofy Gonzo stole my doggy fudge and ate it out of my Hersy Highway.

Steven G@#$ is a goofy gonzo and makes a good arm rest.
by Chauncy Jamal December 15, 2003
A gooey, wet, steamy, disguisting,pile of human, dog, gilgamec, marclar, and crab people shit.

It can not be classified as a specific state of matter, and has a irregular shape.

*NOTE Dungas can only be found or formed in hot, moist, stinky, moldy, and delicious locations, such as Detroit, or Bill Clinton's ass.
Oh my goodness, did Bill Clinton just ingest that gargantuan lump of fresh, gooey, hardy, delicious Dungus?

Scientists have been puzzled by Dungus because it can not be classified as a state of matter.
by Chauncy Jamal December 15, 2003
Dog Diarea mixed to perfection with rich whole made Hershy's milk chocolate with imported arab urine.
My son ate doggy fudge from my butt crack. There was an extra ingredient that was unique. My butt crack nourished and housed this warm delicious delicacy.
by Chauncy Jamal December 14, 2003

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