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Another black racist pig that hides behind the term "Rev"! Shamefully calls himself a man of God but ignores what the "good" book says about lust, adultery, cursing, that a man must work in order to eat, etc...

A classic looter! Ayn Rand warned us about these types of people in Atlas Shrugged!

A socialist who is anti-capitalist and anti-american!

The only difference between David Duke and Al Sharpton is that one is accepted with open arms and the other scorned!
The "Rev" Al Sharpton will not say a thing about the social cancer known as Hip Hop but he poor-mouths about the dirty white devils.

Has the good Rev ever said anything about sin? Does he preach the true gospel or a social feel good gospel of black supremacy?

When is the last time Al boycotted the Hip Hop industry and BET?
by Chauncee Irving January 19, 2005
A group of racist whites.

Too dumb to walk and chew gun at the same time!
"Look der Bubba a nigger!", says Jerry Ray as he plows his mudd diggin 4x4 into a ditch because his simple mind can not drive and see a black at the same time!
by Chauncee Irving January 18, 2005
According to Wal-Mart it means appointing people based on sex and race without qualifications. This holds true only if the applicant is female and/or black.

Another word used for discrimination in todays culture.
We are promoting diversity in our company!

We are only looking for females and blacks.

Diversity means that a standard has been lowered
by Chauncee Irving January 06, 2005
Usually refers to a lazy black American who refuses to work.
Look at that ol blue gum just watching us do all the work!

Stop blue gumming and get to work!
by Chauncee Irving January 18, 2005
Slang word that is used by blacks as a racist taunt to provoke white Euro-Americans.

This word will never cause you to get fired unlike calling someone a nigger!

It's perfectly fine to call a white a CRACKER!
Look at dat ol white cracker bassad!

Oh when will this word be viewed as bad as saying the N word?
by Chauncee Irving January 06, 2005
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