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Dutch for "my love" or "darling".
"Hey schat, cava?" - Dutch for "Hey Love, you all right?"
by chaser April 23, 2005
Word in Antwerp dialect of Dutch meaning "all right". Can be either a question or an affirmative answer, or both! Coming from the French "ça va?". Pronounced as /sa va/.
Jos: "Rudi, cava?"
Rudi: "Cava !"
by chaser April 23, 2005
Dutch (Antwerp dialect) for 'to fuck'. Most likely derived from 'poep' which is Dutch for ass. As in getting your ass naked and get it on.
"Hey schat, poepen?" English translation: "Hey love, wanna fuck?"
by chaser April 23, 2005
a chaser of reality; one who is on a constant journey to know the higher Truth; who Sees there is always something more to everything.
"We have no strings. There is no reality for us.That is how life is for us, for me. The harder I try to connect with the binding of reality the farther away it slips from me. Sometimes I can catch hold of the string and ride the waves...but then I start to lose my grip and I fall off again. I am never bound to reality. That is why I am called a reality chaser. It’s always just in my grasp and I never can catch it. I’m always chasing what I’m slowly losing."
by Chaser March 24, 2005
Good life
man im having a wordlife at the mo
by chaser August 30, 2003

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