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To get rid of something.

Magic Johnson retired from the NBA after testing positive for HIV. Now, after several thousands of dollars spent on treatments there is not a trace of the virus in his body. So, he literally got rid of it.
Hey, man...the cops are coming, we need to do something about that weed. You should Magic Johnson that shit.

Guy #1: Hey man, what happened to that girl, Gina?
Guy #2: Ah dawg...I Magic Johnsoned that shit two weeks ago. Damn! Where you been?
by chaseburgala June 06, 2009
A towel, which you can purchase at dicktowel.com, that allows you to cover up, while jokingly exposing drawings of your private parts. One end of the towel has a large penis and the other end of the towel has a tiny penis, the smallest some have ever seen.

Dick Towel is proven to get you laid.
"Hey Dude, how'd you manage to bang Beth?"

"I was at the pool, and she totally wanted to bang me after I showed her the large bird on my Dick Towel."
by Chaseburgala November 17, 2009
A nerd, to the extreme, putting more emphasis on the person in question's nerdiness.

Put simply, it is the combination of the words "fucking" and "nerd". Fucking nerd = Fnerd.
You know, that guy Jake who works at Kinko's? He would be a lot cooler if he wasn't such a fnerd.
by chaseburgala August 12, 2009
A lover of the male reproductive organ. A penis lover.
Oh, Chris has the hots for Ben. He's such a plover.
by chaseburgala August 14, 2009
Bloat means to eat or can be used as a noun, in the describing of any kind of food.

Derived from the word "bloated", which is, of course, the feeling that one gets once they've consumed a large amount of food.
"Yeah, bro...I just woke up from my nap. I'm gonna go grab some bloat and head over there."

"I'm so hungry. I gonna go get some bloat at Taco Bell."
by Chaseburgala November 01, 2009

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