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When during a fun summer time activity someone brings up the thought of school starting soon and lowers the moral of the entire group.
Tom: Hey man lets go surfing
Jim: okay, hey do you relize that school starts in 17 days?
Tom: stop bein such a "Summer Bummer" man
#dimmer #down bringer #moral killer #depression bug #fun stabber
by Chase Yaz August 19, 2007
When during summertime you happen to glance at a pack of pens, a bottle of glue, or a notebook and relized that no matter how much fun you have that summer school is around the corner.
Matt: Hey Jake whats wrong youve seemed pretty bummed lately.

Jake: yeah man today I drove past an advertisment for school supplys and I got a bad case of "Stationary Syndrome".
#school sickness #summer bummer #registration frusteration #summers end #back to school slopping
by Chase Yaz August 19, 2007
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