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What you get if you have anal sex and your partner shits on your penis.
"Oh my god, Jodie shat on my penis last night."
"Damn, sounds like you got a case of poo poo shit dick."
by Chase Manley October 24, 2006
a person who is just a plain out bitch and needs to be bossed around...kind of like a monkey in a cage
"dude what the hell are you doing over there?"
"that kid is such a monkey bitch."
by Chase Manley May 31, 2007
The act of spreading one's ass cheeks apart and being fucked with someone's entire HEAD...yes...i said HEAD!
"damn that bitch's ass was soo loose!"
"Sorry bout that...i got carried away and i just had to use the old goatsee."
by Chase Manley May 31, 2007
the act of coming up behind a naked male, reaching through his legs, grabbing his penis, pulling it through his legs between his ass cheeks and lifting him off the ground.
"man, my penis hurts"
"you shouldn't have been bending the pipe with Uncle Louie for so long last night."
by Chase Manley May 31, 2007
having the shits so bad that it stings like you have chicken bones stuck in your asshole.
"God damn, my ass hurts so bad when i shit."
"Sounds like a case of chicken wing butt to me."
by Chase Manley May 31, 2007
someone who licks a man's penis...often used as an insult to a guy friend
"STFU you wee wee licker!!!"
by Chase Manley June 10, 2006
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