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n.// A band that, despite constant nay-saying from what seems like everyone on the planet, is still touring across the globe and is raking in millions from record sales. In a sense, 'Limp Bizkit' is another term for a contradiction among what the general public says and what it does.
n.// Everyone says they hate Limp Bizkit, yet they still go out and buy their CDs. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what you call "saying whatever everyone else is saying, so long as your precious image is preserved."
v.// A person who will tell everyone on the planet that a band is overrated, untalented, composed of hacks, and other such negative comments. Whether or not the person has actually heard the band does not matter, for the band hater finds pride in putting down musical talent, no matter how good or bad.
You know, I've never really heard Teddy listen to music, but I was listening to Korn yesterday and I found out that Ted's a real band-hater
A man of musical talent, who got his start as Limp Bizkit's first guitarrist. He left to persue other musical careers, such as additional guitars for the 'Underworld' soundtrack and a few riffs for The Crystal Method's 'Legion of Boom,' but has since then disappeared into obscurity because no one can make a living as a solo guitarrist nowadays.
Wes Borland was going places with Limp Bizkit, but he broke away and no one's heard of him since.

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