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The bridge spanning the gap between the see of Australia and the great Moon Lake in West Central Africa. Fo SHizzle
If everyone were jumping off the Melbourne Bridge, would you?
by Chase November 03, 2003
A slang term meaning two timing , cheating, back stabbing
Rich you troplin fuck!
My wife that troplin bitch!
by Chase July 25, 2004
Japanese slang for "Don't ever do that again, you dirty rotten skank!"
You're cheating on me, girl? Soujo!
by Chase October 11, 2003
any of the small, black, fire breathing cats living during the Time of Tchaiz and serving under the Knights of Kaoticism
That tchaizeus pantherus just totally owned earlee with his fire breath!
by Chase November 30, 2003
‰, per thousand, or 1/1000
you:what are ya talkin about?!?!?!?!
by Chase March 08, 2005
Polt is slang for awesome, or cool
Example 1:
MOM: Son what did you think about the movie?
SON:It was polt!

Example 2:
Dude this weed you got is polt brother.
by Chase July 25, 2004
A gay character created by Jordan Brimner to amuse and annoy others that have a higher higher IQ. An attempt at appearing cool or black made by a white boy.
Jake: Whats up Jordan?
Jordan: Hey! I told you, my name is brim dizzle!
by Chase March 10, 2005

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