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A person who looks through the cracks of a bathroom stall to see the person in there.
"Cover your face, the turd burglar is back!"
by chase March 08, 2005
A more commonly used named than Violoncello, a string instrument that is played sitting down. It is held in between the knees and supsended off of the ground by an end pin. It is made of mostly wood and has four strings, A,D,G, and C. Traditionally, the strings were made from cat or pig intestines, but now makers have moved onto steel and other synthetic materials. It is tuned an octave lower than the viola. It is said to be the instrument that most resembles the human voice, with its deep, rich tone. Famous cellist include Yo-Yo Ma, Rasputina featuring three cellist, and Apocalyptica featuring four.
the cello is a bass instrument
by chase March 30, 2005
The degradation of the matter and energy in the universe to an ultimate state of inert uniformity
by chase July 21, 2003
A shirt worn by men who are aiming to "get some" because girls think it looks good. This is because pink shirts are completely feminine, therefore, homesexual. Pink shirts are supposedly manly or so the wearers say, but this is entirely false. In fact, the chances of a young male becoming gay after wearing a pink shirt significantly raise by 37.4%.
Look at that douchebag! He's wearing three pink shirts and all of their collars are popped.
by Chase September 04, 2005
Creating music by means of manually moving a record under a stylus. Typically seen in the musical genres of "House" and "Rap". See my Audio example.
What's a DJ if ya can't scratch?
by Chase February 15, 2005
to be, or the feeling of being, or way of acting monsterous, wild, and untamed
(to someone wearing a bright shirt)
"that shirt is very ape"
by chase November 21, 2002
theres nothing else to say, jimi hendrix was the best guitarist ever to live. thats final!
you know your a cute little heart breaker....huh foxy and you know your a sweet little love maker huh foxy
by chase March 15, 2005

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