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Comedian. Full name "Emo Philips"

In the world of monotone joke tellers throwing plastic grins in front of simulated brick walls at comedy clubs across the country it is always a breath of fresh air when a comedian is able to stand out not only on his persona but also on extremely well written material. And out of those comedians with the possible exception of Bill Hicks and Denis Leary few are able to find monumental success not only in United States but also over in Europe. Which brings us to Emo Philips.

If you have never heard or seen Emo perform it would be very difficult to describe. As one reviewer writes: "With his Prince Valiant haircut, wide-eyed expression of innocence and gawky gestures, Emo Philips has an individual, albeit bizarre, style."

But behind the unsettling persona lays some of the best written material found any place. Practically a staple on television during the comedy boom Emo continues to entertain people with his extremely clever and well honed material.
I watched Emo straddle a rabbit.
by Chase! September 16, 2005

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