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A My Space whore is somebody who spends a lot of time on My Space. How to recongnize the Symptoms:
-This person will follow all of the my space trends.
-This person will also have a pimped out my space page.
-You also see the classic My Space picture.
Also know this is a sickness! Don't catch the My Space bug!
Char: "Did you see T.J.'s new picture?"
Becky: "You mean the one were he is looking away from the camera try'n to look all serious?"
Char: "Yeah, thats the one."
Becky: "He is such a My Space whore."


Char: "Hey Becky! Check out my My Space page."
Becky: "Why?"
Char: "I changed it again."
Becky: "You My Space whore."

or even

Char: "How long did you spend on My Space last night?"
Becky: "I was on there 'till 3 o'clock this morning."
Char: "You My Space whore."
by Charmaine M.I. Smith November 27, 2006

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