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2 definitions by CharmCityGal

Slang for "morevening'

A state of mind where one is either confused or purposely conflates morning and evening due to inebriation or being a frequent flyer.
1. Mafukta shows up to work in a state of movening: dressed like a slut ready to pick-up the first cock with a pulse.
2. Mafukta's 'walk of shame' is such a 'morevening' move!
3. Mafukta came in like a 'hot mess' due to her state of 'morevening'."
by CharmCityGal March 09, 2011
Salutation between two or more people living approximately 12 hours apart; on opposite ends of the planet or 12 time zones apart
I'm just getting my morning coffee as she is pouring herself a glass of wine when we have our 'morevening' Skype conversation.
by CharmCityGal March 09, 2011