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When a man shits in a girls vagina while she is on her period. He then penetrates the vagina and as he pulls out he will most likely have a mixture of brown and red clunks on his penis. He then makes the girl perform oral while he eats her vagina. Thus making it the "Cherry Blossom"
-Did you hear what Kyle did to Heather? - Yes I have, I heard it was a huge and smelly mess! - Not according to Him, he says it looked like a Cherry Blossom!
by Charly Starscream December 06, 2011
When a person does a sexual act to an underage animal
I was talking to my friend Sonia on the phone, I said oh do you touch baby animals? shes like NO? I'm not a zoophile
by Charly Starscream December 05, 2011
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