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To crawl in a sexual manner
Alex: Go get me something from the backseat
Hannah: I'm not going to hoochie crawl my way back there!
by Charlotte Arlow Barlow June 24, 2011
To hold multiple conversations.
Tiger Woods was having too much conversi with women and thus got caught.
by Charlotte Arlow Barlow June 24, 2011
The most controlling and manipulative thing you can be. He is usually a fantastic liar with a bad beard. He is unable to grow the balls and ask a girl out. He is a bona fide cunt. When texting, his usual response is "I don't know". He is a fake comic book fanatic and always gets his facts wrong.
Cesar: I dont know if I can come to the movies!
Josh: Stop being a Cesar!
by Charlotte Arlow Barlow June 24, 2011

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