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41 definitions by Charlotte

game of men with funny shaped balls!
Jonny Wilkinson plays rugby!
by Charlotte April 26, 2005
acronym for Not A Real Doctor
psychiatrist, radiologist, pathologist. As in, "I got a psych consult to give a hypertensive HCTZ. NARDs."
by Charlotte January 09, 2008
Something that my friends and I make too many of a day.
You're an orange away from being gay!
I'm black. Make him think that I'm black.
-some of today's latest inside jokes
by charlotte November 10, 2004
no idea what the background is
a 'banger' is..
something that was crap. OR
somebody that is a dickhead and/or does something stupid
that party was a banger....
you're such a banger neil...
by Charlotte January 06, 2005
An expression that denotes certainy in a way deliverable only by Mr Big.
"Will you marry me?"
by Charlotte June 08, 2004
a pustual gland that comes up on your face/body due to hormones or over eating or an unbalanced diet.
I knew i get at least one spot from consuming seven packets of crisps,but seven in a row is some what taking the mickey,i mean thats one for every bloody pack!
by charlotte June 13, 2003