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2 definitions by Charliegurl225

The most greatest vessel in it's time.A sad disaster, that shook the world.The titanic sank at 2.30 am April 14 1912.Also a movie.
1."OMG,How cute was jack dawson it titanic!"
2."how sad was the wreck of titanic.So many people died"
by Charliegurl225 June 09, 2006
209 113
Somone/some people that are always there to help, a friend i need is a friend in deed!Also somone you hang around with.
Dude1: OMG, I just got a new friend called mya. She's nice.
Dude2:That sucks!I thought i was ure friend, cause i hate mya!
by Charliegurl225 June 09, 2006
12 27