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1 definition by Charlie4Life

The American third world. A forlorn jerkwater state that, while not without its merits, is home to either the tragically-dull or the desperate-to-escape.

More cultural diversity than most Southern states and more cute girls than some, but mostly a vast expanse of slum-holes and nowhere. Weird smell emanating from the land probably has adverse affects on the human brain.

A viper's nest of political corruption and moral failure, Louisiana also manages to attract terrific churches to fight back the encroaching darkness.

Popular destination for criminals, and airhead college students, looking for trouble or a place to hide.

I'm sick of being around attractive, college-educated people with upward ambitions and a desire to change the world. I wish I could just get away from it all.

Oh wait, I know! Let's go to Louisiana!!

by Charlie4Life February 18, 2008
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