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BBC Have Your Say: domain of selfish right-wing BNP-supporting xenophobes who think they're important, but are, in fact, penguins' pudenda. Have a habit of answering any question with something irrelevant, usually related to their political views, which could easily have been lifted from a 1930s NSDAP propaganda leaflet.
e.g. for the HYS question "Do you drink less beer than you used to?"

the most-recommended response might be the ridiculous
"yes and soon it ll be banned by the pc brigade cos its offensive to pakis and gays!!!! its pc gone mad i tell you!!! vote bnp and kick ZANULIARBORE and gordon mcjock mcbroon out now"
#idiot #xenophobe #racist #stinge #daily mail
by Charlie NL October 21, 2009
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