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Person or persons who wears ripped jeans and flannel shirts along with homemade/ simple clothing usually out of neccesity for cold. A movement started out allegedly by Kurt Cobain and His Band Nirvana. It was a long-running joke that the only reason for ripped jeans, flannel and thermals was the fact that it was cold in Washington. Grunge kids usually listen to a mixture of Punk, Grunge and some certain forms of Metal. in Appearance you average grunge kid doesnt really care about his or her appearance while grunge guys wear the flannels with usually long hair and beards of other various scruffy versions girls dress almost the same aside from heavier punk fashion influences. Then of course there is the Attitude. Severe dislike of the government yet almost apathetic efforts to fight it. grunge is spawned really from angst and indifference and generational isolation. True grunge also only speak selectively about there beliefs because they feel no one else thinks like they do.

Drug use: As rumored grunge kids do smoke pot but really the so-called godfather of grunge Kurt Cobain, never really did like his experiences with marijuana claiming it made him stupid. Mostly the average grunge kid smokes cigarettes and drinks and does acid along with your occasional heroine addict
Grunge kids interaction with others.

girl: that guy looks homeless!
guy: no he's just a grunge kid.
Grunge kid: Got a smoke?

Interactions between grunge kids and Other.

Girl: Hey look they finally impeached the President!
Grunge Boy: Who cares?
by Charlie Meadows August 16, 2007

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