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sexually attractive, popular phrase in South-London
Example: Did you see thats chick presenting The news last night, damn she was chunting, I would shagg her side-ways, even if she had a wizards sleeve
by Charlie Mcnamara December 08, 2006
1. Someone's feet that are so big, that when they walk, they kinda look like they are trying to kick Jesus off his cloud.
2. A pair of shoes that are too big for the person wearing them
1. that dude has some serious jesus kickers, he should do what those Chinese women do and gradualy make them smaller before he wakes up The Son Of God
2.That clown has the biggest Jesus kickers this side of the known frontier
by Charlie Mcnamara November 30, 2006
another way of saying 'do you want a fight' or 'are you looking to fight me?' originating from an area known as The Blue in south-east London
Dave: Is it rockers cuz, why did you spill my larger?
Steve: Leave it out mate, I came hear to preach not start a rockers
by Charlie Mcnamara November 30, 2006
something as marvelous as having a very nice, sensual wank
Example 1: cor pour us another pint mike that last one was top wanK
Example 2: ur essay was top wank keep it up and you'll achieve great educational suckses
by Charlie Mcnamara January 13, 2007
The greatest idea since the Millenium Dome, A spider that was bitten by a radioactive lamb and aquired a lambs characteristics such as saying 'bah' a lot and eats grass instead of insects etc
John: Spider lamb vs spider pig who would win?
Dayne: Spider Lamb of course!
John: Damn right fool, ooooooooooh brap!
by Charlie Mcnamara July 28, 2007
mp3 player,thrizzle meaning three
Dane: Got snout bossman?
Shane: I'll set you one if I can listen to your mp thrizzle
Dane: You got it bucko
Shane: If your lying, i'll smite your bawdy backside with the back of my sinewy right hand!
by Charlie Mcnamara January 01, 2007
sarcatsic way of saying someone is an ugly wretch
Raymond: Blad, lets go to Dane's house
WillyBob: Nah, boss his mum is a buff every week type person and I cant stand being in the same room as her, errr yuck (vomiting)
by Charlie Mcnamara December 08, 2006

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