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Half Danish, Half Swiz and half Hong Kongish. Katrines are a rare breed of female. They are often smoking hot and great in bed. Men have been known to ejaculate their testicles at the sight of a katrine. Often seen dating complete loosers who headbutt people and are crap at badminton.
A katrine is a social being and is often seen performing miracles, stopping wars, curing cancer and eating cheese.

Loyal and kind a katrine is the offspring of God and Buddha.
"I think i just creamed my pants"
"How come?"
"I just saw a Katrine"

"Carlsberg dont do girlfriends but if they did they would probably be katrine"

"That girl is a perfect 10"
"Tru dat shes a real Katrine"
by Charlie Bumface July 27, 2009

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