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A sporty-boy jock-wannabe who practices or enjoys watching sport-fighting. Often a delusional individual who erroneously imagines that by shaving his head, getting a barbed-wire armband tattoo, and wearing spandex panties while wrestling poorly and boxing in a laughable manner, he becomes an Apache Warrior with Real Ultimate Power. A dumbfuck.

A practitioner of "mixed-up martial arts". A sport player with delusions of being tough and/or skilled at fighting, as if sport matches were the same as real conflict. A moron.

You stupid drunk mma fag, you better run home and pray for jeebus to help you get through your next ring fight -- take your skanky bitch with you, and don't let the door hit you in your well-drilled ass on the way out.
by Charlie Bravo March 23, 2008
acronym for Universal Jack Off Hand Signal. Used in IM chat.

The hand sign which is recognized in every culture as indicating male masturbation. Characterized by an upward diagonal "stroking" motion with the hand forming an "O", as if gripping a round object, e.g. a pole (a wooden one, perhaps) and sliding the hand in the direction of the pole axis, up and down or back and forth. Sometimes accompanied by a mocking facial expression such as pursing the lips while squinting the eyes.

Meaning: The UJOHS indicates that the signaler resignedly disapproves of the object of the preceding comment.
Of course, right, winning hearts and minds. /me UJOHS

I can't wait to get back to work. /me UJOHS

Oh look, Eminem got himself in the news again. /me UJOHS

For the boss, don't worry, I'll just pull a number outta my ass, since he'll just do whatever his little voices tell him to do anyway. /me UJOHS
by Charlie Bravo June 04, 2009
The opposite of no worries.

A retort used to impose a reality check on an idiot -- Australian or otherwise -- who attempts to dismiss a worrisome situation with their inappropriately optimistic bullshit.
Non-Australian: This software is buggy.
Australian: No worries, mate!
Non-Australian: Worries, mate. Worries.
Australian: No worries.
Non-Australian: STFU, you don't have to support it! Worries, I tell you! Worries!
by Charlie Bravo March 18, 2008
1. A guy who likes anything related to sports.

2. A guy who likes watching sports on tv.

3. A guy who likes it in the ass while watching sports on tv.

4. A type of bar where guys who like it in the ass while watching sports on tv get so drunk they can't remember anything then go to each other's houses and give it to each other in the ass while watching sports on tv, then pretend nothing happened each night and do it over and over again.

I went into this sporty-boy bar and they all looked at my ass like they wanted to slap it and say "good game" or maybe something more...suggestive.

by Charlie Bravo March 25, 2008
Status of one who has pwnt. Domination of another.
He was 3 and 25 earlier, but now he's 84 and 12 -- total pwnrship.
by Charlie Bravo March 18, 2008

Exclamation of pleasure after acquiring pwnrship of others, usually in FPS gaming.
DEAD PLAYER: No gay way!
YOU: Mahahaha! Hook, line, and sinker!
by Charlie Bravo March 18, 2008
Exclamation used in gaming which expresses disbelief in what has just happened, that only in a world where everything is indeed, as Kurt Cobain once said, gay, could what has just happened actually happen.

Mahahaha, pwnt!
No gay way!

by Charlie Bravo March 18, 2008

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