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The act of dissing someone, to totally ignore.
Corinne pulled a dunderdale on me. I said Hi and she walked right on by.
by Charlie Bear April 13, 2006
A Portuguese holiday where the men get to have two beers while they mend their fishing nets.
Falls on the Friday two weeks before Christmas.
Co worker 1: Where is Jeff today?
Co worker 2: It's Fix-A-Net day, so he had to stay home and be with his family.
by Charlie Bear April 13, 2006
Fellow co-workers that constantly talk only of everquest.
1. Edwin and the Motta boys have no life. They're a bunch of e-queers.
2. Charlie is on wife number 4 all because he's an e-queer.
by Charlie Bear April 13, 2006
1. The most faggetty shade of fuscia that one can imagine.
2. A color usually associated with non functioning inventions.
1. Phil chose Marston Magenta for his boyfriend's bedroom walls.
2. That square wheel would look good painted in Marston Magenta.
by Charlie Bear January 23, 2009
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