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131 definitions by Charlie

when you salute a female whos cooter you want to corkskrew.
-do you see that fox
-yeah, giver the cooter saluter
by charlie December 25, 2004
5 1
A lame excuse for a job title that housewives give themselves so they can sound important.
Man- "What do you do for a living, Mrs. Johnson?"
Mrs. Johnson- "Oh, I'm a homemaker."
Man- "Go fuck yourself."
Mrs. Johnson- "Well, I never!"
by Charlie November 29, 2004
136 132
A measureing device used to measure the amount of drama involved in a situation or person. The measurement is in the form of a number, 1 being the least amount of drama and 10 being the highest.
Stay away from that girl her dramameter is on 10!
by Charlie March 30, 2005
4 1
6 man 1 girl ska band. also used to decribe very cool sweater and scarves.
yo did you see that trippin' dude over there? he was so skamikazy
by charlie December 03, 2004
7 4
Used to mean you were joking with someone or to mean a mess up.
you slice a golf shot.
"I aiy?ed that one up"
by Charlie December 23, 2003
13 10
a word used by various interlectuals from london, basicly to annoy less smart people who do not know what it meens, but infact, it meens nothing. Its just there to make them think hard and get fraustrated.
dumb person:omg y r u reading a book
interlectual: its actually very interesting and funny, its about people like you.
dumb person: o shut up you geek.
interlectual: oh get on with your life you goonclock!
dunb person: huh? wtf does that meen? WHY ARE CALLING ME THAT?!
interlectual: MUAHAHAHAH!!!!
by charlie June 18, 2006
5 3
Lighthearted humour with a dark underbelly. Based on an imaginary online village with a local newspaper that shovelled enormous amounts of muck.

This is written slang for when spoken the word is so easily confused with the inferior 'whimsey'.
From the Wymsey Chronicle: "Churchwarden Julius Blaah was this week condemmed for his involvement with Montantrum Bionics when he was photographed feeding his son, Eagloo, aged 11, with genetically modifed acorns.
by Charlie June 11, 2004
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