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a term for any kind of sexual activity
you asshole! You're not getting any nookie tonight!
by charlie March 18, 2004
a suffix added to a root word. If the rootword is a complete word add -able if it is incomplete add -ible. (Exceptions include digestible, flexible, responsible, irritable, inevitable, and contemptible.)
Vis + ible = visible
poss + ible = possible
by Charlie October 14, 2003
Nipples that protrude so they look familiar to apples.
Nipples + Apples = Napples
by Charlie June 26, 2006
Something that is meant to get done but doesn't. Also can be faked by type garbage in word and giving it to your boss. Consists of a tie and pen with a dash of fun. Work is the equivilent to naptime to a small child. Work is the reason people sell drugs for a living (they make a profit while being high and doing no work).
I smoked that reefer and skipped work and skipped on the sidewalk. I told president Clinton that I wanted an hjfrom his lesbian wife.
by Charlie March 26, 2005
Used to mean you were joking with someone or to mean a mess up.
you slice a golf shot.
"I aiy?ed that one up"
by Charlie December 23, 2003
A blue man, possibly of African American descent. Runs a concession stand, one of two operating businesses in Freetown, USA. A wiley, cunning man, who can fix any problem, any time, anywhere, with anything. Unusually intelligent for a cartoon, even by human standards.
Well, first I tried duct-taping The Cheat to the VCR, but he wasn't too into that idea. Then I tried duct-taping a clock to it. That seems to work.
by Charlie June 27, 2003
A measureing device used to measure the amount of drama involved in a situation or person. The measurement is in the form of a number, 1 being the least amount of drama and 10 being the highest.
Stay away from that girl her dramameter is on 10!
by Charlie March 30, 2005

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