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Tactician of ancient China who wrote the legendary book, 'The Art of War', which is still respected today as a powerful guide to both military and political strategy.
by CharlesManson October 20, 2003
Released in 1991. A hentai featuring girls getting gangraped by lizardmen and bugbears in a fantasy setting. And of course, the Sword of Light turns into another girl after the Dark Lord is vanquished. Might cause sanity damage to the weak-willed. At least there are no tentacle beasts.
Remember, demi-humans in hentai are required to gangrape humans at any given oppurtunity.
by CharlesManson October 20, 2003
Tactician, and later, Prime Minister of Shu, who lived during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era. He proves his genius through his numerous schemes throughout the intrepid period, such as predicting the winds at Chi Bi and predicting the foundation of the Three Kingdoms, as well as his southward campaigns. Dies of fatigue during one of his northern campaigns in his late 50s, leaving the Shu kingdom to Liu Chan, who later destroys his father's goal to recreate the Han dynasty.
by CharlesManson October 20, 2003
A picture of a twelve-foot long erect penis. Once every year, it jumps out and goes on a rampage.
One squad's final transmission:

Sir...an unidentified object is coming our way. It's four yards long and two yards wide.

What? Main screen turn on!


What you say?

Penis, sir, penis!

Make your time for later. Night is best time.


by CharlesManson October 20, 2003
1) A guy that likes to fuck animals. This ranges from dogs, to his favorite, horses.

2) The name of a website. (www.bestialityboys.com)
"Hey, fuck a horse with me! It's fun!"

by CharlesManson October 20, 2003
See Bloody Tampon

A bloody tampon stored at 0 degrees Celsius for a year, which makes it form in large clumps.
Gonna eat that?

No, you can have it.
by CharlesManson October 20, 2003

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