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Is what you call someone who stays in bed all day and doesn't wake up till 6pm unless it's to go to the bathroom or kitchen. Someone who is in the process of no physical activity, has no kinetic or potential energy. Is beyond the definition of Lazy. Chris-ing can also be described as goofing off but must contain either sitting down, going in and out of sleep, or eating in bed. Eating 12 or more pancakes in one meal can also pass as participating in Chris-ing. Also diving erratic like a Mexican would while avoiding border patrol can be considered Chris-ing. Having a dirty small car that may bleed from time to time or constently smokes from the muffler is one requirement for Chris-ing And Driving. Chris-ing And Driving is Illegal in the state of Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia.
Charles, you have been Chris-ing all day. Let's go outside and work out, your so fucking lazy!
by Charles12355 January 16, 2009

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