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5 definitions by Charles Sm1th

A child left in the car during summer months
We came out of the store and the cops were breaking a window out of a moo van to rescue a little sizzler.
by Charles Sm1th October 21, 2011
Young children who invariably wander in to a pool and drown each year during summer months.
I was reading the paper and saw we had our first little swimmer of the year.
by Charles Sm1th October 21, 2011
A mini van that a breeder or parent of children drives
Jesus Emma that Breeder had her Moo Van stuffed with so many crotch fruit it made my uterus hurt.
by Charles Sm1th October 22, 2011
A new born baby
Betty came back to school after summer break having given birth to a fresh loaf.
by Charles Sm1th October 21, 2011
A person from Mexico who is in the United States Illegaly
If Jose is stopped by the cops he could be deported for being a Rio Grande Surfer
by Charles Sm1th October 25, 2011