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the act of holding a bag of franzia wine over your head and drinking as much as possible.
Greg's eyes beamed with accomplishment after finishing a 45 second Franzia Stand.
by Charles Rice June 27, 2006
a mobile home that is used to manufacture meth
Man, people come out of that crankerwide all day and night!
by Charles Rice June 27, 2006
irritation of the grundle from saltwater exposure
After boating and swimming all day, Bob had a seriously salty grundle, so bad that he had to walk with his legs spread.
by Charles Rice June 27, 2006
the saturation of one's testicles in sour mash whiskey.
After passing out in the chair next to the campfire with an open bottle of Jack in has hand, Chuck had a nasty case of whiskey balls.
by Charles Rice June 27, 2006

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