3 definitions by Charles Henry Ocolate-Puma

The sound discharged by the Puma (see dictionary definition) which is usually preceded by some form of mild exercise.
Fargk! I just physically can't...
by Charles Henry Ocolate-Puma June 19, 2003
Phrase used to describe the point in a race when an individual or team give up for no obvious reason. More often than not to be found a little past the halfway point and is not dependant on the length of the overall course. It is used frequently in conjunction with the term Puma.
They may be in the lead at the moment, but with the Puma onboard they'll hit the Brown Barrier just past the half way mark.
by Charles Henry Ocolate-Puma June 19, 2003
A sportsman of no distinction who is known for not completing a race. Often used in conjunction with the phrase "Brown Barrier."
I say Charles, isn't that the Puma going past in that boat? I think he's just hit the Brown Barrier.
by Charles Henry Ocolate-Puma June 17, 2003

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