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Another word for "Dickish" relating back to the word "penis" instead of "dick." Used to describe how much like a penis a situation, person, or thing is. Also used in conjunction with the suffix "man" (i.e. Peenish-Man) but is still used in the same context as the singular word "peenish."
"Shit... man, I can't believe you would do something that peenish."

"Dude, that's pretty much peenish-man."
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
The name of the cat that lives next door to Squeeks that looks all burnt up and shit but actually has Thyroid complications that caused all his fur to fall the fuck off. He is a really nice cat, though.
"Hey Burn-Kitty!"
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
Used to describe someone who is acting uncharacteristically "ass-holish".
"Cody's being a real Butt-Rex today."
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
A noun used to describe a person typically not liked by others. (i.e. a fucking ass-hole)
"What are you, some kind of Butt-Mar?"

"Dude, why do you have to be such a fucking Butt-Mar all the time? That shit's getting real old. I mean REAL old."
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
Common, everyday variation to the word "drink."
"Can you please hand me my can of dernk before I drop-kick you?"
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
Abbreviation of the word "shit." Can also be followed by the suffix "head" (i.e. Jit-Head) to describe someone who constantly acts like a shit-head.
"Did somebody fucking fart?! It smells like jit in here!"

"I know who broke your disco ball... It was that fucking jit-head down the street. We should go cave in his skull and kill his whole family."
by Charles DeMar September 16, 2003
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