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Noun; The Javiscone is like a sandwich. It is the theory in which the Universe is the bread, we are the filling and we are bound to it by an unseen, butter-like force. This force is called the Javiscone. There are infinite Javiscones, each with more potential energy than the last, but as we climb the Javisconicular field, they become more unstable.

Each Javiscone is surrounded by a shield of little Hithiscones. Using a balancing theory, they can create complete stability in a Javiscone, and this prevents it from becoming misconstantuated. In this case, we can force ourselves upwards into the plain. In the 42nd Javiscone we could discover the meaning of life, but the only Javiscones that are stable without Hithiscone balance are those up to the 12th (the 6th being very popular these days).

Javiscones can still be misconstantuated by Nanoscone and Macroscone attacks! Beware!
My Javiscone is misconstantuated! It is collapsing.
by Charles Bramald January 21, 2005
Verb; to collapse internally.

It is often used in connection with the Javiscone. Whenever a Javiscone collapses (often due to Nanoscone and Macroscone attacks), it is said to be misconstantuated. When one collapses, it has disastrous results, therefore misconstantuate is commonly used to express when something bad has happened.
1. I misconstantuated the 21st Javiscone.
2. My day was misconstantuating
by Charles Bramald January 25, 2005

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