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3 definitions by Charl

A wooden burberry bat known as the "chav bat"
used by the ladies to bat away the chavs as they come at you from behind during a night out in a club.The batting away of these lads is known as "chav batting!"
Out with the girlies dancing away to a bit of speed garage, shoulder bobbing and riding the pony. Then you feel something grap you from behind and its a some lad rubbing and pushing his groin into you. Nice!! lol You reach for your chav bat and bat him away shouting "erm thanks but no thanks!"

Ladies there is now a foldable chav bat, that fits nicely into your handbag!!
by Charl May 23, 2005
when a man tries chattin up a female
"yo..check out isaac chirpsin' dat baby G up in da parkin lot"
by charl June 17, 2006
The new words to shout out on that dancefloor when the wonderful music that is "speed garage" is played. Bow down to the tunes! lol
Dj Plays Top Speed Garage Song "Drinking Chardonnay" or "Pony"

Dancers put one hand to there mouth and shout "Oi Oi!"
by Charl June 03, 2005