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to be in deep trouble
we're in deep barney
Barney Rubble...Trouble!
by Charizard LeBeau June 25, 2009
sun burn to darker skinned people, where as fair skins get pinkish-red neck dark skinned people get nigga neck where your neck is a few shades darker than your torso.
I fell asleep outside with my shirt on and now I got nigga neck
by Charizard LeBeau June 25, 2009
A bad song that follows a great song on an album, in order to avoid a good song being overshadowed by the previous track
That song that played after *insert classic song*, sucked
Of course it did it was scrudge they didn't want to waste a good song.
by Charizard LeBeau June 25, 2009
a shirt usually from busted tees that has a shticky saying on it often worn by those who want to project an image of being "new age" or "ironic" or "indie" but as of 2009 are no longer funny.
Ah is Chad really wearing that shtick t-shirt?

ah what a clown who wears shtick shirts and thinks they're funny.
by Charizard LeBeau June 25, 2009
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