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fluffy little homies, that make good companions.
those kittens were so cute i went home and cried for two hours.
by Charity Jule October 30, 2009
Scene/indie clothes from www.iheartdropdead.com, repped by a few hxc bands and Bring Me The Horizons' Oli Sykes.
Guy 1: Is that chick wearing a shirt with a zombie eating a litter kittens?
Guy 2: Yeah i think so, it's drop dead clothing.
by Charity Jule October 29, 2009
(a) to be a copycat
(b) to be a tease.
a: that hoe is always jockin' my swag.
b: nahh, she doens't have sex bro, she's just jockin' you.
by Charity Jule October 29, 2009
lines shaved into the side of your head using clippers.
kid: can you gimme some steps?
hairdresser: i have never heard of those.
kid: well, just shave some lines into the side of my head.
by Charity Jule October 30, 2009
(a) drinking out of a bottle without touching your lips to the rim, like they do in commercials.

(b) using a homemade bong

guy 1: hey, let me get some of that grape drink.
guy 2: no way dude, you'll backwash.
guy 1: come on please? i'll do the dew.
guy 2: alright, here.

girl 1: are we smoking out of a banana peel and a cork?
guy 1: yeah, i lost my bong so we're going to have to do that dew.
by Charity Jule October 30, 2009
(a) party
(b) fight
(c) drink
(a) it's halloween bro. i want to party, let's throw down!
(b) that epic douche kept txting my girlfriend, so we had to throw down.
(c) she was only like 100lbs, but we had some beers last night and she could really throw down!
by Charity Jule October 30, 2009
A rare type of asian who has red hair. Lan Pings usually come with glasses. Lan Pings are normally fly gangsters.
Guy 1: Dude! I finally saw a Lan Ping!
Guy 2: No way, you saw a red headed azn? Lucky!
Guy 1: Yeah bro, I'm tweeting it right now!!
by Charity Jule October 29, 2009
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