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3 definitions by Charger Brent

After fucking a girl in her ass. you remove your shit covered dick and write your two initials on either side of her butt cheeks.
"I pulled out of that chicks ass, and gave her a dirty zorro. Afterward I bent her over and she spelled B.O.P."
by Charger Brent September 30, 2006
27 12
An act of revenge usually. While pulling out from fucking a woman in her ass, she continues to to shit on you and your dick.
" Last night, I made that mother fucker strike oil"
by Charger Brent May 15, 2006
10 9
An Act of belittleing a man. After a Man cums inside a woman. She then stands over him and queefs the contents of her vagina onto the mans face and body.
"I fucked Brandy last night, I thought everything was great and then that bitch gave me a blizzard."
by Charger Brent May 28, 2006
8 22