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1. A phrase meaning, "What exploit?"

2. A phrase mocking the Elyos faction when they denied the use of an exploit.

A phrase started by a character "Recyclable" from the MMOG Aion from the server Ariel.

The phrase first appeared in a forum thread on the Ariel forums on Aiononline.com when some of the Elyos faction denied the use of a Kisk exploit in which they placed a kisk into a wall allowing them to walk through the fortress wall during a raid and keep the Deity aggravated preventing the Asmodian faction from resetting the Deity and preventing the Elyos from capturing. Since the Elyos exploited the Asmodians failed to prevent Elyos capture.

The phrase was first used in a picture in the thread but the thread has since been removed.
Asmodian: "That guy exploited his kisk into the wall!"


Asmodian: "wat esploit?"
by Chaotic Cow May 10, 2010

1. A group of gamers with the intent to kill any enemy whether he be alone, have friends or be level 10 or level 50.

Not to be confused with a fair fight of something similar to,
1v1, 3v3, 6v6, or any way of a fair fight.

A boat is only a boat if it originated as a boat.

Meaning you can't be 6v6 and 2 of your team members die making it 6v4 and then suddenly the enemy is boating. Since it originated as a fair fight it still is considered a fair fight and not a boat.

If it was 6v2 at the start then that would be considered boating or a boat, but once a fair fight is started it is a fair fight unless either team has others join in the fight making it suddenly an unfair fight.

Term originating from the Server Ariel in the MMO Aion.

Believed to be derived from the word, "BOATLOAD".
Asmodian: What is happening in Beluslan?

Asmodian #2: There is an Elyos boat roaming around Hoarfrost!

Asmodian: I'm watching the fight of like 6 elyos and 6 Asmodians! It's epic!!!

Asmodian #2: REALLY?

Asmodian: Yeah but 3 more Elyos just joined in! Now they are just boating!

Asmodian #2: Uncool.

Asmodian: Totally.
by Chaotic Cow July 05, 2010

1. The act of bring more force than what is needed to defeat the enemy, making a fair fight not so fair anymore.

2. A group of gamers in the act of killing any enemy whether he be alone, have friends or be level 10 or level 50.

This does not mean, 1v1, 3v3, 6v6, or any form of even/fair fight.

Boating would be a 1v1 only to have your enemy call for help from 2 others making it 1v3.

or minding your own business and 6 guys come out and destroy you.

It is believed to be derived from the word "Boatload".


The term Boating seems to originate on the Ariel server of Aion Online.

Similar to Zerging but unlike Zerging the force does not have to be a lot of low level / weak characters but any level, strong or weak.

Though boating is not against any rules(At least not in Aion) it is frowned up by many. It's fine to get a little mad when it happens to you but just remember, you would do it too.
by Chaotic Cow July 05, 2010
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