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The villain of Final Fantasy 6. Kefka has a vast array of one-liners that other villains would kill for, dresses like a clown, and is the epitemy of insanity. Appearing just like a loony, crazy general in the beginning, Kefka's insanity is fully grasped as he kills off his emperor and literally rearranges the shape of the planet... At the end Wielding a cruel, twisted weapon called the Light of Judgement, unleashing dragons, demons and the ATMA weapon upon the world, plunging the world into ruin, seated on the throne of the world in a tower made of Earth and garbage, killing millions of people, and not giving A DAMN about it. Kefka is the only villain whose plan actually succeeds and who gains the power of the Gods. The best villain of all time...
"Hope, Life, Happiness, I will destroy these things." -Kefka

"Nothing can beat the music of a hundred voices screaming in unison!" -Kefka
by ChaosKefka March 28, 2004
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