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The pairing of Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki from the shounen anime/manga "Naruto".

This is a fairly popular het pairing amongst the fandoms, particuarly in Japan, though lacking in worldwide support compared to the larger rivals: Sasusaku, Narusaku, and Sasunaru.

Evidence for them as a pair is quite hard to find if you simply look at their scenes together at face value, but you can clearly see the effect Naruto has over Hinata as her confidence improves due to his faith in her as a person. Naruto is blind to her more-than-friendly affection, however, (initially because of his love for Sakura and then because of his goal in bringing Sasuke back) and puts down Hinata's blushes and shy murmers to her being "wierd" or "sick" because her face is always red. Consequently, because of Hinata's insignificance in the main plotlines, she often slips into the background in many episodes, but she definately has her moments, notably during the chuunin exams when facing Neji. A lot of focus was put onto Naruto and Hinata during that particular arc because he finally began to notice her, but unfortunately after this, the evidence for their relationship begins to dwindle (unless you count the filler episodes- but they're not part of the manga's plot) SPOILERS FOR THOSE NOT READING THE MANGA-
Well, regardless of what has happened so far, he sure as hell got one heck of a wake up call in Naruto manga chapter 437, and the Naruhina fandom (and every other fandom for that matter) are now waiting anxiously for Naruto's reaction and confirmation of the pairing.
SPOILER WARNING: "I just wanted to walk with you, I wanted to be with you, you changed me, your smile saved me, so i'm not afraid to die protecting you- Because I love you!"- Naruhina moment- Manga chapter 437
by ChaosFTW May 30, 2009

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