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A girl who is deceptive and wild, all with an innocent smile across her face.
Tilly did it again...
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
Is a title, that belonging to a master and/or teacher. A head over others.
You must obey your kai or you'll receieve one hell of a beating!
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
A good friend who will remain loyal until the end. Funny, charming and suspiciously kind.
Finding a Theodopolopodus around these parts is rare.
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
An odd spelling of the name Chantel.
Your name should be Chant'L because you have the voice of an angel.
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
Totally cool; awesome; one of the best.
(May also be refered to as glashy, glashous, etc.)
You got the glashy style...
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
Short for British Boy and/or British Bastard.
Why is it that these BB's always think they're better than us?
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
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