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First of all I would like to agree that there is an archetype for preps.

Guys-White, Sports, works out, skips class, wears multiple layers of clothes regardless of season, expensive phones, money, cologne

Girls-White or Asian, cheerleader, makeup, skirts, revealing clothes, airhead, mean, perfume, rich daddies

Faves-A&F, AE, Hollister, LL Bean, RL Polo, Tommy Hilfiger

I totally agree that a majority of preps fit in with those.
If you go by that, you can find just as many people that you wouldnt call a prep that go by those guidelines. My best friend is rich as hell, wears A&F, has fake sports team shirts, and works out, but I would never lable him as a prep.

As for me, I'm a middle-class, asian, ex-nerd, prep.
Here's proof:
$60 Relic Watch
$30 Lee Jeans Shorts (one of the cheapest things I have)
$50 Muscle Polo from Abercrombie & Fitch
$15 Belt from American Eagle
$20 Undershirt from some store in Alaska
Looking at this, you might say I'm rich. I'd say you're wrong. Some people, a lot of preps actually, have discovered a method of purchasing items called SAVING. I get about 20 dollars a week that I have to work for, and I get 100 dollars for my birthday and 150 for christmas. I have to buy all of my clothes and everything. I saved up, and over time, I was able to buy all this stuff.

I am not a rich fucker. I am not an idiot. I am not white. I do not have a car. Sure I wear the same clothes as all the other preps. At least we shop from maybe 10 different stores, as opposed to the gothic Hot Topic or the unknown void where nerds find their clothes and gear.

I used to be a nerd. I think, in general, preps are a group of people who can actually look at a group of people and actually understand who is a nerd, who is a prep, and who is emo. Most nerds don't choose to be nerdy, they just are. They don't know what is generally considered cool. I used to be one so I would know. Preps hang with preps and avoid nerds and emo, just like nerds and emo avoid preps.

Judging by that, why don't we take a second to think about why preps are the center of hating and not goths or nerds. Everyone talks about goths or nerds, but they dont really care because goths and nerds dont matter to them. Most people's dreams are to be a prep, and that's why they concentrate on hating preps.
Prep: Dude let's go to A&F, away from those nerds and goths.

Goth: Dude let's go cut ourselves in that alley, away from those preps and nerds. (yes, goths do cut themselves)

Nerd: Let's go to my house and play Dungeons and Dragons!
by Changster July 18, 2006

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