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Overweight sorority girls at SUNY Geneseo.
Hey do you know what happened to Chuck and Matt last night?
Yeah, they both took home some Wart-hogs to pound in the ass.
by Chang March 06, 2003
heroine type doobies
hey pass me those little dilberts
by Chang September 15, 2003
teh bast pro gaaer in thew rodl!!!!!! he help me imrpive my gaem and i get vary goo!! thankx u zilaesa!!
halp me zilaeas!
by Chang March 19, 2003
slang; another word used for urination.
looks like spilled their grits all over the floor
by chang July 13, 2003

To prevent your roommate from obtaining sexual gratification by forcing the bitch in his bed to sleep on a cot.


The act or instance of cot blocking.
"Don't ever cot block me again, you asshole."
by Chang February 05, 2005
A balding homosexual male who sends out way too many stupid e-mails at work and thinks that they are funny but his co-workers think that he is just a stupid idiot.

See also "Gerp"
"Hey John, is your Blackberry working?"
"No, Steve it isn't. That new asshole in accounting is cluttering up by inbox, he is such a Donlon. "
by Chang June 20, 2003

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