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6 definitions by Chang

heroine type doobies
hey pass me those little dilberts
by Chang September 15, 2003
0 0
Overweight sorority girls at SUNY Geneseo.
Hey do you know what happened to Chuck and Matt last night?
Yeah, they both took home some Wart-hogs to pound in the ass.
by Chang March 06, 2003
8 8
teh bast pro gaaer in thew rodl!!!!!! he help me imrpive my gaem and i get vary goo!! thankx u zilaesa!!
halp me zilaeas!
by Chang March 19, 2003
13 15
slang; another word used for urination.
looks like spilled their grits all over the floor
by chang July 13, 2003
0 5

To prevent your roommate from obtaining sexual gratification by forcing the bitch in his bed to sleep on a cot.


The act or instance of cot blocking.
"Don't ever cot block me again, you asshole."
by Chang February 05, 2005
11 29
A balding homosexual male who sends out way too many stupid e-mails at work and thinks that they are funny but his co-workers think that he is just a stupid idiot.

See also "Gerp"
"Hey John, is your Blackberry working?"
"No, Steve it isn't. That new asshole in accounting is cluttering up by inbox, he is such a Donlon. "
by Chang June 20, 2003
11 35