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Something people do to pretend that their apathy is really concern. Also known as "I could care less what happens to you unless it affects me directly, but I don't want anyone to think I'm the craven, spineless self-absorbed weasel I really am." Mostly promised in lieu of actual help.
My grandmother's friend knows that I have a rare blood type and have only a 9% chance of finding a kidney for transplant, but instead of trying to help me avoid a lifetime of dialysis by asking her fellow churchgoers to get tested for crossmatch, she is afraid of "offending" someone by asking, and believes that sending me a worthless little card depicting a no-name saint and a promise to pray for me, ensuring me a much shorter lifespan, largely consisting of sleeping and sitting for 12 hours a week watching my blood go in and out of my body is just as good as asking for donors and that it will help me obtain a kidney. What a joke.
by Chandra February 16, 2005
Kiss drummer (1980-1991), born on July 11,1950. Risked his own life to run into a burning nightclub to save the life of a female musician named Sarita Henderson who was in his first band Creation, recorded several albums with KISS and was rumored to be close friends with pop star Bryan Adams. Died on November 24, 1991 of leukemia. Was the drummer that consecutively stayed with KISS the longest
Eric Carr is deeply missed by friends, family and fans all over the world. Not only was he a great musician, but also a great human being.
by Chandra May 12, 2005
A disability-positive cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon from 2000-2002 about a boy who was a wheelchair user (but didn't see it as his whole identity) and had a hippie named Mr. Jimmy as his guardian angel. His family included a sister, Kate, a brother, Bobby, his dad, Quentin and his grandmother, Gram-Gram and his friends included Ace, Goon, Julie and Sandra.
Pelswick was one of the best cartoons ever!
by Chandra May 18, 2005
A person who does,says,thinks and believes everything popular culture and/or the media tells them to.

This term comes from the fact that these people follow the popular media like mice follow the dominant mouse in a cage or in a mousehole.

Often old enough to think for themselves, but are often too lazy or too obsessed with conformity and being liked to do so.

See also follower and conformist.
Record company executive: "Conformity is a beautiful thing! Let's get a few scantily clad blondes to dance around and pretend to sing and some stereotypical thuggish-looking black men skulking around in tacky-looking diamonds and pants hanging to their ankles to make up nonsense songs and unintelligible phrases. We'll make a fortune!"

A&R guy: But don't you think we should sign someone with talent who maybe isn't so visually exciting?

Record company executive: Nonsense Tom, these kids are media mice. They'll buy whatever MTV and BET tell them to. Put a few of these videos and TV and, bam we're rich!
by Chandra May 15, 2005
A secret word for a girls PMS. Chick, a name for Pads, tampons, etc.
Girl-Hey, I fucking got my chicken today!
Responder-Really? You got your chicken?
Girl-Fucking yeah.
Responder-Do you need any chicks?
by Chandra June 01, 2006
The fat, old washed up lead singer of Motley Crue. Somehow he still manages to get women and gigs even though both his talent and looks are long gone.
Did anyone hear that Vince Neil got married for like the 5th time a couple of months ago. Wonder how long THIS ONE will last?
by Chandra May 12, 2005

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