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Paul Gilbert is one of the most technically proficient rock guitarists today. He's played in bands Mr. Big and Racer X. He graduated from G.I.T. in 1985 right after forming Racer X with other students from the school. He currently has a monthly column in the European guitar magazine Total Guitar.
I love reading Paul Gilbert's column in Total Guitar. It's really improved my playing.

Paul Gilbert owns anyone you put in front of him on guitar. End of discussion.
by Chandler89 May 01, 2006
Due to his fondness of the guitar technique of pinch harmonics, Zakk Wylde's unmistakable style has spawned its own drinking game developed by his fans. You take any song which Zakk has written/performed guitars on, IE from Ozzy and BLS. You take a shot every time you hear a pinch harmonic. It's that simple (and on occasion, deadly).
You would die playing the Zakk Wylde drinking game to songs like "Destruction Overdrive" and Zakk's live rendition of "Crazy Train."
by Chandler89 August 22, 2006
A term I made up that will probably never be used except by me maybe once resulting in me looking like a tool... It basically means you want to cancel the thought, possibility, and/or misconception of anything emo that you have just said or done or what you are about to say or do.
Meant to be the equivillent of the term no homo but being situationally different.
I almost cried when my favorite band finally hit the stage... No emo.
by Chandler89 August 22, 2006
Best bassist in the world. Played bass guitar for Mr. Big, Steve Vai, and David Lee Roth, just to name a few. His style is fairly unorthadox using techniques often found on guitar more so than bass.
Did you see that video of Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan live? They're incredible.
by Chandler89 May 01, 2006
A kickass Black Label Society song from the album The Blessed Hellride. Contains a rather large quantity of pinch harmonics, particularly during the chorus, which in the case of Zakk Wylde, is A LOT.
You'd die playing the Zakk Wylde drinking game to "Destruction Overdrive."
by Chandler89 August 22, 2006
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