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Someone who is crap at sex
Dude! sydney was such a Fornitard she couldnt even suck on my ballsack right!
by Chance 242424242424 March 05, 2009
A fat ass who eats everything excepts healthy foods like salad
1.Hunter was such a Salad Dodger. MAybe his fatass might not breakeverything he sat on if he ate a salad
2. Maybe if hunter wouldnt of been on top Grant would still be alive
by Chance 242424242424 March 05, 2009
Making love to somebody's tits with your fieces and then fucking there tits with you cock while your fieces is covering them
Charlie made Chest Love to sydney's almost existent boobs after he took a big dump in between her tits.
by Chance 242424242424 March 04, 2009

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