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When you're in a Seattle coffee shop, and you order a ridiculous amount of drinks, a male barista ejaculates into one (or multiple depending how pissed off he is) of your drinks in the kitchen, and then continues to mix it up, giving the creamer look. Usually served hot.
Chance: Can I get 3 caramel macchiatos, 2 pieces of lemon bread, a smoothie, and a caramel frappachino with a pump of vanilla?
*Barista takes, and gives the order*

*I take a sip of the frappachino*
Chance: "Ewwww, this tastes all thick and sticky"
Andrew: "Yeah, mine to"
James: "He probably put some Seattle Creamer in our drinks"
Brian: "Yeah, you can see the semen floating in it"
by Chance, James, Brian, Andrew December 11, 2012

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