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Definition 1: When used after warping a "That's what she said" to your advantage

Definition 2: Warping someone else's regular sentence to your advantage

Definition 3: After stealing something from somebody

Definiton 4: Whenever the FUCK I want (good and bad steals will be deliberated by Superfly and Champion)
Ex. 1 "Dude, that's huge"
"That's what she said!"
"To me"

Ex. 2 "God, I've been working really hard"
"Working the corner?? STEAL!"

Ex. 3 "Man, I love my new shiny quarter... HEY!"
"Man, I like that straw hat"
"I know, it was only 6 bucks! STEAL!"

Ex. 4 GOOD: "Dude, what's the answer to #2?"
"We're only doing odd numbers... STEAL!"

BAD: "God, I hate broccoli"
by Champion! February 12, 2007

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