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1. (n.) Polite term for human excrement in a toilet that has failed to flush for one of a variety of reasons...(see i-iv below);

2. Used to endearingly identify one's offspring;

3. Popular word to convey moment of impact and subsequent existence of (ideally) well-shaped (circular in cross-section) and solid 'plomb' in a toilet;

4. Conveys the two most popular instances that 'flash' into the non-Creator's mind upon detecting a plomb, (i) A BOMB!!... (ii) the precise moment it 'plo'pped (in the water from within Creator);

4. 'Lead' (metal) in French;

5. (Orig.) fusion of 'plop' and 'bomb'; coined in early seventies.

Reasons for non-flush and therefore plomb:

i. the Creator is still admiring its profile;
ii. the Creator forgot to flush it, simply;
iii. the Creator is still admiring its aquadynamics;
iv. Creator failed to account for extended reading or repose and hitherto subsequent resilience of plomb;
iv. the Creator has planted a deliberate 'plomb' for a non-Creator to stop in tracks and admire.
Examples in context:

1. I say, that was a mighty impressive plomb you left, Sir.

4. Fuel attendant - 'Quelle petrol, Monsieur?
Customer - Plomb!
by Chames April 30, 2006
A big blue animated glove (has teeth and eyes, sort of a baddie though the plot isn't altogether important) in The Beatles' classic animated film, 'The Yellow Submarine'. Also rockets about and turns into a fist. (Image to follow..)
(Loose quote from poor memory)

'Oh Glovie, dear sweet glovie... Now KIIILLLL them!'
by Chames May 04, 2006
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